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11 November 2008 @ 01:07 pm
I went to Saturday's show, at Pittsburgh, and I got to say it was amazing!

Onto the pictures and videos:

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30 July 2008 @ 12:05 pm

Okay. Might as well start from the morning. Got up around...10. Couldn't fall asleep after I woke up so I decided to wake up. Sat around for about an hour before I got ready. My mom goes to pick up her car and as soon as she got back, we left. We didn't run into any traffic so that was a good thing.

Then we get to Mellon Arena around 12:45 or so. I stood around since my mom dropped me off so i could stand along the fence. I stood around for a while, and then my mom comes behind me and says that she saw some people from school that I knew, so I run down and what do you know...two of my friends are there too so that was great! Hung out with them for that whole time. We stood around for maybe a half hour or so before we saw the buses coming up the street and pulling in. Stood there, looking at the buses.

The buses sit there for a while, and then all of a sudden, SCREAMING started. Me and my friends were looking like, what what? Then I saw that red hat of David Cook and I was like, DUDE! That was Cook! Each time they would come off the bus everyone would scream. Then we stood for another good half hour or 45 minutes. Kristy was the first to come out. She was so GORGEOUS. I was like, HOLY crap...she went down the line pretty quick and that she couldn't take a lot of pictures since she had to go back inside for press or something. I got pictures of her. Then, you knew who was next...Archie. The girls went NUTS...then not long after that, Cook came out. The screams got louder...then not a while after, we saw Cook grab a Terrible Towel someone got him and waved it and that's how you get a Pittsburgh crowd going. It was nice to see him wave that Terrible Towel. It took both of them FOREVER to get down the line...I couldn't see poor Archie since he was short....once Cook got closer and closer, me and my friend were getting more and more nervous and excited. Then, I finally got to see Archie and was like, FINALLY I can see him. lol. He passed Cook up and started coming down. I got some pictures of Archie as he came by us. Cook got by us, and he turned around and asked one of the guys how much time he had left and found that he didn't have a lot of time left with the fans, so he told us that he could only get a few and me and my friend were like, We are one of those few and he just looked at us and was like, Yeah...you are one of those few <3 Got to me, and I put my back towards the fence and turned around and was like, would you please sign the back of my shirt and he was like sure. Then my mom took my camera and i asked for a picture and he didn't think twice. I put my arm around his shoulder and posed. I said thank you so much and he was like you are most welcome. god...that put me on a cloud for the rest of the day

He left and Archie was still going down the line and he was there for about another 15 minutes before he left. Then we all stood there again. for a long time. waiting...and waiting.....then Jason came out. God his eyes are freaking GORGEOUS :o my other friend had to get his autograph for his friend who couldn't come and then he gave another picture to me so he could sign it and then I would give it back to my friend. well, stupid me wasn't paying attention and was staring at Jason, that i forgot to get the autograph. so I had to run down the line and get back in and i got the autograph and gave it to my friend. got some good pictures of Jason. We were almost ready to give up and we did so we walked away since it was around 3:30 and my mom was told by someone that worked there that they were getting ready for the Meet & Greet at 4 so most of them wouldn't be coming out. So me and my friends walked to the front of Mellon Arena and sat for a bit. Then we heard screaming again and we ran down and Brooke came out. Again, GORGEOUS. she was so sweet too. Got some great pictures of her as well. And before she left, a woman had two sets of flowers and told Brooke if she wouldn't mind giving them to Michael and....Jason? or was it Carly? I couldn't remember the second person. And Brooke was like, No, I will gladly give these to them..don't worry. She walked away and me and my two friends saw Jason behind the buses and all three of us waved at him and he waved back. we felt special since we were the only ones that waved at him. then, Michael comes out 5 minutes after Brooke came out, and he had those flowers in his hands and he wanted to thank the woman that gave him the flowers but she left :( he was kinda upset that she left, but he came and chatted with us. we loved his shirt (it was the Jokers face I believe) and he went down and signed stuff, but he totally missed the first half of the fence and we were right against the fence. Kept telling him to come back down and he would start to but he would get called back and we would get so frustrated. then he finally came down to us and I got a picture with him too but he wasn't looking since someone else was getting his attention and i wasn't too happy about that but after taking my picture i felt him pat my back...and my mom can die happy since she got her picture with him as well. and funny stuff...someone handed him a picture of him and David that was in that TV Guide. He looked at it and smiled big. He started saying something about David Cook, and he said something like, yeah, that's David Cook...but I don't know who he is anymore. My mom was like, then who is he then, and Michael looked up at all of us and was like, He's DAVID COOK. then he looked at us and was like, what time is it, and I said it was 5 after 4 and he got a look of terror on his face and was like, ooooooohhhhhh they are going to KILL me.... (since he had to go back in for Meet & Greet and he was outside with us) after that, we left and went to get something to eat.

We came back to the arena around 6 and they opened the doors. My friends were sitting somewhere else so we had to split up. I got my tour book, my David Cook shirt and a 8 x 10 of him. my mom just rolled her eyes at me. found out seats and sat there. then, my other best friend calls me and asks where I was sitting and i told her, and she was like, okay.....then she screamed, I FOUND YOU! we started waving our arms and we found each other and laughed.

short little thing of the concert since we all know what goes on during the show.

Chikezie - He really amazed me. he was great.
Ramiele - She was kinda the worst one of the night I thought...but she was okay.
Michael - DEAR LORD...god that man is freaking gorgeous...enough said.
Kristy - She was good
Carly - She was AMAZING....and yesterday on their day off, her, Michael, Kristy and Chikezie (i think he went too....can't remember) went to a Pirates game and that was Carly's first ever baseball game. She loved it and she was like, I got to meet Pirates. we laughed since she was kinda hinting that she might have wanted to meet real Pirates...but she was amazing
Brooke - She was amazing as well! Her voice is just so...great and I loved her.
Jason - That was when Mellon Arena seriously blew up....I liked him. not a big fan of his but he was great and loved his set.
Syesha - She was great! She sounded amazing and she looked great!
Archie - Um...yeah. This kid is amazing.
Cook - do I need to say anything? god, seeing him with a Terrible Towel about killed me. And the guyliner was on tonight, but by the end of it I think it was almost all gone. He sounded AMAZING! and he was sexy as hell :o

then, Please Don't Stop The Music...yeah. Hilarious! When Michael came on, he started coming across the stage and then he started spinning in circles while holding his mic up to his mouth like a flute.....Kristy then comes down the stairs and he puts her on his back and carries her across the stage.


some previews:










Mavid Dance during Please Don't Stop The Music

Michael Johns - Dream On

Brooke White - Let It Be

David Archuleta - Angels

David Cook - Hello

David Cook - IDWMAT

David Cook - Billie Jean (and also reaction to the panties...)
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01 March 2005 @ 11:50 pm

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